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“Above all else I want you to be aware that your book has been a significant help. Thank you.”
— Issac T.

Hey everyone its Cinderhelm! I love League of Legends. I am passionate about helping people by creating great content. You may have seen some of my movies featured inside League of Legends or on the official League of Legends website and Facebook page.

I believe gamers are smart. I believe gamers want more than simple tips and stats. I believe "strategy guides" are better when they talk about real strategy.

I wrote Learn the League for gamers. With this guide as your companion, you will have more fun playing League of Legends, and you will win more games.

More Excitement. 

Get up to speed to your team or surprise them with new aptitudes and learning. Functional tips and exhortation will expel hindrances that keep you from appreciating the game. 

Higher Ranks. 

Find the insider facts that the world's best players are utilizing to keep focused. With the strategies and methods in Learn the League anybody can achieve Gold and higher. 

Better Showcase. 

Get educated on winning group arrangements and precisely anticipate the result of matches. With Learn the League you'll be pretty much as proficient as top examiners. 

The Guide

What Is Learn the League? 

Learn the League is a paid methodology guide for League of Legends with more than 400 pages of secret and exclusive content. The guide explains everything from the beginning as a fresh out of the box new player to understanding and utilizing the strategies and procedures seen in global competitions. 

Is It Current? 

Yes. Learn the League is on the fourteenth release and completely overhauled for Season 5. Alongside verifying the aide stays precise to amusement fixes, every release additionally brings new info and substance. Holders can download upgrades whenever they want!

Unique Illustrated Strategy

More than 150 great outlines are incorporated in Learn the League. Since these were made with the same techniques I use for my YouTube motion pictures, they give a completely clear take a gander at cutting edge subjects. 

Partner Movies 

Sometimes I feel films are useful increases for clarifying and giving illustrations. Due to this, a few detailed films are given to help instruct essential ideas. 

Will The Guide Help Experienced Players? 

Yes! Our objective in Learn the League is to update fresher players immediately, then explain the subjects everybody can benefit from. More than 65% of the guide explains advanced points like technique, strategies, and amusement hypothesis. 


Free Updates

In the wake of buying the guide you will have the ability to log in and download overhauls in the future. This is a one-time buy, you won't be charged month to month, and you won't have to pay for overhauls. 

60-Day Guarantee 

Learn the League is upheld with a 60-day cash back assurance. On the off chance that you disapprove of the guide for any reason, let us know, and you'll get a refund with no hassle or inquiries asked. 

Have It Anywhere 

Learn the League can be appreciated on nearly all current gadgets, including desktop PCs, Macs, iOS and Android gadgets, and mainstream digital eBook readers.